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Fotex Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils developed for use in high pressure hydraulic systems operating under varying temperatures where small viscosity changes with fluctuating temperatures are preferred. Fotex Hydraulic oil is formulated with carefully selected base stocks fortified with additives and a very shear stable viscosity index improver to impart excellent protection towards wear, rust and oxidation. The viscosity improver reduces the viscosity decrease with rising temperatures
• Excellent Hydraulic Efficiency
• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability controls the formation of sludge & varnish and improves oil life
• Superior demulsibility helps in faster separation of water from oil and resists formation of emulsions.
• Exceptional anti-wear property results in longer pump and component life reducing costs.
• Excellent rust & corrosion inhibitors protect multi-metallurgy components even in presence of moisture
• Compatible with multi-metals and sealing materials commonly used in hydraulic systems
• Rapid air release property minimizes chances of pump cavitation leading to trouble free operations

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